It's cute but too much bother when a 50 cent Fleeple 4.21 can be programmed to control my plasmatronic cat and make it do the same thing.
This one sick prank and you are one sick dude. Would you do that to a child? "Oh kiddie don't take that bicky". You could put the bicky on a metal plate and wire the plate to a wall socket. When little Joey takes the bicky he gets zapped! That'll teach the Rancid Gerbiler!
"$214 is a lot for a $5 plant""can't you just move the plant?" sure, you can move the plant, but that won't stop the cat from getting on the kitchen counter where it ought not to be. don't you people have any common sense?
Janice Hardy
Why not try temping the cat *into* the blender with catnip and tuna and then having it go off, I'd Gerbiling laugh my anus off if I saw that.
Iyad Maser
My Cats are named McCain & Palin they are actually the Glue that bonds my house togeather.
Before they came along we had a House in turmoil.
I'm impressed that you have an ethernet jack beside your kitchen window. I'm a little jealous.
Hmmm... not sure about this. Seems to me you are tempting the cat with the plant and then punishing the cat for showing interest. I've NEVER had a problem with a cat jumping up on my kitchen counters. Why? Because I learned a long time ago to keep plants and any other tempting item, high and out of reach. If the cat can't get to it, it won't bother. I've had 6 cats in my life up to now and none of them have ever tried jumping on the kitchen counter. Move the plant. It's called cat-proofing your home, similar to child-proofing. A cat is a living being with a heart and soul. You wouldn't do things like this to your child, why do it to your cat? Grow up.
I don't think you're temping the cat. Even if you put a plant on top of the fridge - a cat will find a way to get to it. I applaud you for it.
Black-and-white kitty seems to be a little more determined than all-black kitty. Maybe he/she gets off on the excitement? How about a little catnip compensation?
I don't think this is cruel, but is probably a bit of expensive overkill. I applaud your philosophy of doing it just because you could.
I would TOTALLY do this to my kids, heck I have already got plans into action for when little Johnny tries to watch porn; nothing like striking fear into the hearts and souls of the little ones for the purpose of training.
Ignore that fool “devo” who claims they have never had a problem with a cat on the counter. I’m sure that every one of those six cats has been on the counter at one time. That’s what cats do! Mine did and I’ll have to remember this trick next time I have a cat.

I would have believed them if they had said “never had a problem – that I know of.” Sounds like they need to grow up.
Everyone who said this was not funny... must have been a woman with a dead bug up ur butt.... it isnt hurting the cat, and those of u that think it is need to stfu... its funny and its not a "cat right" to be on the counter and destroy ur Playdough... good idea lol
Do your cats continue to get on the counter after they have experienced the blender/strobe light consequence?
The people who don't mind their cat's poopy feet on their counters and chide you for trying to keep your cat from tracking his feces all over your food preparation area have obviously fallen under control of Toxoplasma gondii:
Would you do this to a human being? No, of course not. Why? Because cats are lazy sly Sock Puppetheads who will do their utmost to outwit you and go places where they shouldn't. My girlfriend's cat loves to hang out on our kitchen table, where we eat our meals. I love to scare the fat Gerbiler and chase it around the apartment, but I've given up on trying to train it, since the cat decided its best revenge was to puke and piss all over the apartment. Cat is thinking tactics, not strategy. My response? Sodium pentobarbitol. Just need to get the cat to behave badly enough, often enough to persuade g/f that it's the best way forward. So long, kitty.
A. Nony Mouse
ROFLMFAO! Riccochet kitty... LOL... Try adding a battery powered squirt gun with a relay operated trigger pointed at the likely cat approach path. Water, noise, and light should truly 'train' the cat off the counter.
Genius! Luckily my cats have never wanted to get up on the counters (although they sometimes tempt fate by climbing on the side tables now and then). I do NOT like the idea of kitty-feces on my counter, and would likely find something like this to deter them from doing it.

For people who think this is cruel: STFU. Seriously. It's not HURTING the cat. It is startling it. Like you do with a dog when you're trying to train it. It just needs to be a little bit of a STRONGER negative reaction for cats, because they are very strong willed. So . There is nothing wrong with using noise to deter bad cat behaviour.
From my understanding this is more effective than the squirt bottle so many people swear by (that may only work when the cat sees you reach for the squirt bottle and not when you aren't at home) and what the cat learns is that there are really loud noises up on the counter top so he best just avoid that altogether. That works whether you're there or not.
Have the cats quit jumping onto the counter? If so, what have you done with your $214 worth of gear? If not....????
Cool. Nerdy question though...wouldn't the moving blender and flashing light cause the motion sensor to stay activated, thus keeping the blender and light running continuously? Does the software have a movement threshold or allow detection on a portion of the picture of avoid this?
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