Evil genius.
Brilliant!! And the plus side is, my sisters Chipootle is the same as yours!
Brilliant & not cruel animal lovers. The cat is acting upon instinct by getting away from what it perceives as a threat. No chemicals, electric shocks, or physical pain, just the cat's system doing what it was designed to do. Exactly what it would do in the wild.
Hilarious. I hope the people around me at work didn't think I howled too loud when I first saw this. I sent this on to others I know have cats.
You have too much time on your hands.
Next time buy a fish.
If that not exciting enough, add a snail to the tank.
Speaking as a snail myself, I hope he doesn't take up your suggestion. Although he does need to get out more. Playing in the traffic should help.
Ever notice how people who say "You have too much time on your hands" don't have a creative bone in their body?
Will it blend? That is the question!
@DividableFiend: I was wondering how long until somebody was gonna ask that
Cats are very, very lazy. If the cat had good food and water on the floor, counters would not have been a problem...nice job! Expect nasty stuff on your pillow next!
Hilarious... he's as much a villian as ours was when younger. How can I train mine to regard mice as enemies?
My cat would just learn how to make margaritas while he's up there
$214 is a lot for a $5 plant
Hi!! I really like seeing my name on the bottom of this page! I can't wait to show my friends today. I love this cat project, it made me laugh plus I think it's an in"JEAN"ious idea!!!!!! Keep up the good work.
That is so funny! when you use the blender now, does the cat have "flashbacks" and run away?
save 214
couldn't you just....i don't know...move the plant?
2 kittys of my own
this is incredibly intelligent. wish i could find an alarm to make my one cat use her litter box.

i hate retraining my cats.
W.C. Humphries II
Purrsonally, I think this is nothing short of disgraceful. Getting on the counter is a feline right, much like puking up half-digested plant matter into your shoes or scooping copious amounts of sand from the litter pan onto the floor. I hope your feline superiors wise up to this gaff and take their revenge on you with a swift and merciless paw. If it were me, I'd find a way to rig a similar device to the underside of your dining table. Without opposable thumbs, I'm sure it wouldn't be easy. Believe me, though, I'd find a way; and once implemented, I'd get one hell of a kick out of it.

Yours Hissingly,
W.C. Humphries II (Mr. Fleez for short)
James Richards
Plasma, You have made such a great impression on me with your kitty project, that I have ordered and received all of my X10 equipment and I went to Spencers and got my strobe light :-) Can't wait!!! I'm still trying to source a camera since I will need wireless in my kitchen. Do you have any scripts and maybe a little more detailed advice on setting this up? I'm a network tech so a little help should be able to help me get this setup. Got the wife and daughter's approval. Actually they can't wait!
WHat the heck that is funny>>!
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