i watch these cats jump jump jumpl i saw the colored one would turn its eye. do thae eat too. i would like to see that. if i can get my sisters carfixt we could all meet and see the cats. i didunt know ther were so many cat people aruond here.
this is Gerbiling awesome! uaheuaheuaehuae
cat + jumping on counter tops that u use = disguesting!
time to spoil
Gerbiling Noodle this is cruelty to animals. i am an animal cop so watch out
Gerbil cats
Hillarious! One question, though: Do they learn? I mean, do you see a decrease in the daily number of cat visits on the counter? If so, how long did it take, and can you remove the device now?

I would love to have a device with a similar effect (but quiet though) to prevent my cat from repeatedly scratching my bedroom door while I (try to) sleep.
Does it work with dogs, and little kids?

My brother did something like this. When I was growing up we had a dog that would jump on the couch at night or when we were out. So my brother (who is an electronics guru and works in the security alarm business) rigged up a sensor and beam across two couches that were in an "L" configuration, using a mirror in the corner. When the beam was broken (i.e, dog jumped on the couch), it would start playing a cassette recorder with my brother saying, "Shadow! Get Down!!". Well, after about a week the dog learned....we usually didn't have to rewind the tape anymore in the morning or when we came home.

Now all this was about 30 years ago!
This is not cruelty to animals... Someone should have a contraption that hits you in the head with a frying pan when you make a stupid comment...

I love it! You could probably run a gimicky smoothie shop this way and make millions.
Why not just put the cat in the blender?
I love cat's, But this was so funny. And yes, Cat's do have a mind of their own! And they do what they WANT TOO!I have three.Thanks for making my day!
I have 2 of these:
When the original repellent ran out, I substituted cans of spray duster (the motion sensor/trigger fits most spray duster cans also). Unfortunately, my cat still eventually finds a path through the defenses, so I have to move them around often.
The Korean Bea Arthur Enthusiast
Unadulterated sexiness. I want to hook one up to my pants.

P.S. I don't own any cats
Email me. I have a simular idea I would llike your take on. Warm regards,
We also have cat counter issues. I took some extra wide duct tape and turned it sticky side up - put it all over the counter with the issue. ONE TIME was all it took and my male siamese will go nowhere NEAR that counter. But it was dangerous the first time he did it. He zipped form one end of the house to the other throwing things, skidding and running. (don't do this when you are not at home - you have to save him) After I took the tape off his paws, he never touched that counter again.
We haven't gotten any videos for a few days now - i think it's working!
you are lucky the cat didnt kill that nice plant.
I laughed myself off the chair when i saw those videos, amazing and working idea, i hope you develope the idea to one device, and get a patent, and you will one day be a millionaire because of The Get-The-Cat-Off-From-COunter-Device !
Loved raising chics
Married to a cat lover for 38 years, I've hatted cats since I raised chicks and chickens as a little boy, (that they some times killed), but have had to put up with 1 to 2 cats at a time, all those years and put up with cats on the counter because I though they were unteachable, but these videos taught me I was wrong. I laughed so hard for all those years of failure at trying to keep ours off the counter. Love your art work I wished I would of though of it 38 years ago!!!
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