do they get achy when thwey jump like that. if i get jumped from surprise my body will ache but if the cats dont then it would not be mean or evil. but that colored cat implails almost on the spigot then thats not fun or nice. but i see them jump over and over and i laugh so the cat can bring love joy to you so its not fair and you should have a cat. can i ask question to online.
Hilarious. As owner to several willful cats, and more to the point theiving dogs that CLIMB like cats, I find this very clever and will now plan my own boobytrap. Thanks for a great laugh. By the way, as the victim of several feline retaliations I don't think it's cruel at all!!!
i like my monocule on my guy my sister told me thats the name of it like the peanut jar. can online help with something. a man on the radio said if you needed informaciun you can ask online. i need to fix a car.
@TommyCee123: Good to know my site can make people plaugh
Funniest cat vids ever
"Beer Defender"
*wipes tear from eye...*
Cody is adorable and I need to pet Puma's soft fur.
Might I recommend another tactic - if your cat is just going up there to get plant matter, why not put some plant matter somewhere you don't mind her going? It's also the best way to keep squirrels out of your bird feed - don't try to make something squirrel-proof (nigh on impossible); put something they like better (pumpkin seed) somewhere else
Our Family Cat has responded well to the simple NO and a rolled up newspaper or flyswater. Will NOT jump up on anything ! Your idea is awesome however one cannot have this method throught the home..Will keep in mind though for other more sinister aplications...Thanks
How does the motion tracker tell the difference between you and your cat? Or, does the blender also turn on when you walk into the kitchen?
you need to sell those blenders you would make a killing
OMG, I have never laughed so hard!!! The video 5th from the top is my favorite... poor kitty don't know whether to Playdough, die, jump out the window or make a run for it!!! ROFL!!!! Thanks, I really needed a good laugh!!!!
this is freaking cool.
Fantastic project!! But the comments section is also hilarious. My favorites is the advice to "just move the plant." laughoutloud
thats very cleaver i have 2 cats that do the same thing i use spray bottle with water but i like your idea the best. happy trails
Oh my god!!! Gerbiling cat!!! I was close to death from laughter!!!
I love it. I love cats. I love your humor.
If you need to change things up, or just want to startle the cat a little more, trying using coffee beans in one of those $20 blade grinders. The noise is intense.

Love the videos. Hope your cat keeps trying.
Not to be a spoil sport, but you seem to have a lot of videos showing your cats jumping up on the counters. That tells me that however fun it is, it sure doesn't work very well...
how about a shotgen instead od a blender aimed at the cats, now that's good video.

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