F F O !!!!
That's very nice!
@JohnB, take the stick out of your Nugget and just lighten up. I thought this was pretty funny and effective. lol
Awesome project. I Love it. but how many plants could you buy for $214? there are plants that are sold just for cats to eat them, much cheaper. But still Awesome project. good job!
Add a hairdryer next to the plant. Your videos will become 10 times more hilarious.
I make slot machines so I know a thing or two about behaviorism and conditioning. I warn you that you're creating an unhealthy relationship between your cat and your blender. Don't be surprised if you find a cat poop smoothie.
Just think: if someone ever tries to break into your house through that window in the kitchen, you'll get a video of someone having a heart attack on your kitchen counter... and then beating the crap out of the blender, camera and motion sensor...
John Williams
@johnb It's pretty hilarious that someone like you would go to great lengths to deride the author's grammatical mistakes when, judging by your own writing, one could only assume that your uncertainty regarding which grade the difference between "your" and "you're" is taught is simply because you never made it that far. And also, ur gay.
not johnb
JohnB, So your complete lack of proper capitalization, improper use of punctuation and failure to find the humor in this project make you some sort of English maven? Fail much? Seriously, go express your tarditude elsewhere.
The strobe light is a brilliant addition.
I agree. This is pretty sweet.

@ John William. I agree with your statement all the way up until your last line in which you say "ur gay." I find the use of this term as a derogatory means as completely unjustifiable and ignorant. Please don't use gay in a derogatory manner, it is inappropriate.
I lol'd.
I can't stop watching the first looped video - it's making me lol so much at work my stomach hurts.
@John Williams: The last part of your comment where you said "ur gay" was the best part of it. I didn't really care for everything else you said, but I loved that last bit!
You done it now! PETA will be all over you when they see this rank cruelty to cats. Don't put any veggies in that blender either or you will have the aliens from www.vegetablecruelty.com
I hear you can get them to flush too.

Now if you can come up with something can keep them from scratching on things, you'd be my personal hero.
@ Mom all you have to do to keep Brian out of the fridge is change the door handles to the other side of the fridge and the door won't open. Problem solved. Also its worth alot of laughs when to watch other people try to open the fridge.
this is hilarious! love it love it love it! i have to try this with my cats now XD
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I love how that cat gets the crap scared out of it. You should make a kit with instructions and sell it
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