LOL! i have to agree with corey here because im having a hard time tearing my eyes off paulacandy's comments to watch the vids again LOLOLOL
@James: The black and white kitty is Cody (he's a boy), and the all black is Puma, who is a girl.
Here's two pictures of them if any of you are interested to get more than their blurry profiles running off the counter: (They are also both cats in sinks...haha)

This is Cody:

This is Puma:

Sarah: Did you ever find the video of the blender scaring your mom?
Ammu kissa. Mielummin haulikolla
@Sarah: I am sorry, but I did TRY to read every single message to see if "my insights" had already been voiced by someone else. But there are so many reactions (about 365, my PC can COUNT for me but it cannot READ for me) that I am still not sure. ;-)

@ladychef: I really tried to carefully read, no, spell, each and every earlier message. Or at least glance at (some). Or at a bare minimum scroll past (a few). Knowing I probably had not covered 100 percent, I still wanted to add a reaction of my own. If that makes me a Moron, so be it. ;-)

Back on topic: It would be great if you had already achieved your goal, with a lasting effect. If so, I'm not sure if that makes the cat in my view cleverer (it has already learned that jumping up there is a bad idea) or more stupid (it does not realize that there are large parts of the counter that it CAN walk on without anything happening). It's hard to tell. But isn't that always the case with cats (and dogs too)?

That's not funny at all. Actually I think it's very, very cruel...
Don't like it. Think of somebody doing that to you. I'm sure you won't find it funny or hilarious.
Great stuff!! Cat's getting taught a lesson about jumping on counters; I LOVE IT.
This will be used as inspiration for my forthcoming Deer Defender!
There's nothing cruel about this, and in fact it could save your cat's life. What if the plant was poisonous, such as a Diffenbachia? What's worse, a startled cat that learns not to jump on counters, or coming home to find your cat died in agony from accidental poisoning? I wonder if you could use a similar method to stop a barking dog, rather than using a silencer collar?
That was hilarious. I love cats and am glad to know you were doing it to stop it from eating something that could potentially hurt it. Ryan Brucks is a jerk.
Matty Pants
Thanks for the inspiration for my "Beer Defender"!
Reminds me of a university professor we taught to avoid using a computer using a similar method. When the winged toasters screen saver came on in the middle of his thoughtful ruminations, apparently deleting the chapter he was working on, his head exploded. He has never used a computer since, not even for email. It was for his own good.
Ahhhh Sarah!!! I just looked at the 2 pix of your kitties!!! They are DARLING!!! From her eyes, it looks like Puma might have some Siamese in her!! And Cody's markings are beautiful!!! I lost my black and white cat last year and still miss him so much......
Alexandre Cousineau
Haha hilarious. Im a kitty lover and this is NOT cruel at all. Keep up the good work!
@ladychef41: I don't think Puma's got Siamese - but she is cross-eyed. This picture shows that a little better:

Sarah, that's the pix of her I saw! Yes, she sure is cross-eyed!!! What a little cutie!!!
this is brilliant. i can't stop watching. i know some felines who could benefit from this kind of training.....
@ladychef41: That's not the first picture I posted! the first one was from further away, you could see her whole body.

I added you as a friend on myspace by the way - haha.

Sorry for getting off-topic plasma, dear. lol.
There are so many comments on this project that I had to recode the entire commenting system! I really wasnt expecting this to be more popular than my Emergency Party Button at all
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