Plasma and Sarah... I love your contraption and will continue to check back to watch all the fun! I think people are taking the whole thing WAY too seriously and looking at it for more than what it is! It's YOUR way of dealing with YOUR situation. You are NOT harming the cats, there is NO meaness involved and I agree that you should be able to have a plant any place you want to have it! Keep posting the videos and I will keep watching them and getting laughs we all so desperately need at times! Thank you for posting them.....
OK this is just great I have all the gear to make this happen. These cats are a bunch of free loaders and this is a great way to earn there keep by entertaining us!! This may be much more fun with my wife as the mark!!
Ha ha pissing myself laughing. Cheers, from england. Stumbler.
Tommy III
Thank you Sarah!!!!! Love it!!!!!!
Pure genius, love it!
Love it! The best video is of the black cat going up and over the faucet as he tries to get away.
That is brilliant and also amusing!
Oh my goodness, I almost hurt myself laughing at the last video. I think I need to rig up something like this to torture, I mean, discipline my cats. Yes, that sounds like a brilliant idea.

Thanks for sharing your setup! And also for the laugh.
Trainable or not, the question is: would cats encounter such surprises in the wild? Yes (if it surprised an incubating hen, for example). Is there a legitimate reason for the contraption, no different from inflating of a cobra's inflation of its neck? Yes. There we go, the cat is experiencing what a normal cat experiences.
Just a quick note: Those videos are fun to watch with a Flash seek bar. (Those videos are in SWF format, like he said.) With the seek bar you can watch the action frame-by-frame, back-and-forth, however you want. Makes it even more fun to watch!
Ryan Brucks
HAHAHA thats awesome. I hate cats. The people who are concerned that the cat got hurt are idiots.
wow.. i haven't been that close to vomiting in a long time.....

.... from laughing my Nugget off. thank you for providing this comic relief at the expense of a little bit of electricity.
The man!
Thanks for the laugh!!
I am not a CAT EXPERT. Nor would I purport to be. But this will most likely work. How many times do you have to put your hand into a fire before you learn "Hey, fire BAAAADD!!" .... And damn if it isn't hilarious.
HILARIOUS! What are your kitties' names??
that's fantastic! I actually looked at a Scatmat before, but decided they were just a little more cruel than I think is OK. However, I agree with you - this isn't cruel, and you have to make sure the cat is behaving when you're out.
i don't know what is more hilarious...the Videos themselves, Paulacandy's odd and undue affection toward cats, or Paulacandy's atrocious spelling. Please more videos and more comments from Paulacandy.
can cats be hidden. if you had someone coming over and the cat would jump up can you hide the cat from them so wont see. does it make loud noise. its how it should be quiet and then it cant harm prayer threw distraction so why not have a cat its fair.
where does online go i see it hrer and uses my line but i know its not at faith formation so please they cant stop us if we want cats can they. corey are you one of the booker sons cause i havent been to the GC church since pastor had trouble.
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