@donna: We sleep upstairs, blender is downstairs. Plus, we sleep with the fan on. We never hear it.
geile idee, mal gucken ob ich das nachbasteln kann ;P
You could buy a Critter Gitter from Betterbee for 60$ that would do the same job, albeit in a way less interesting or creative way.
John Wear
This is extremely funny. Thanks for the belly laughs. Another more expensive but equally effective "training method" is the zap collar. The only problem with this method of behavior modificatoin is that you have to be around to push the zap button but one or two jolts will have those bad habbits going out the window.
That is fluffing HILARIOUS!!! I’m doing that kind of laughing where sound doesn’t come out anymore. Especially the clip of the solid black cat. If only the same could be done with sound detection to cure the early morning YEOWLING my little treasure has been doing every morning. I may stick a lint roller to her but just for fun though…
what is in the blender? just water? i make fused glass art, and the quickest (and LOUDEST) way to make small granules is to put scrap glass in a blender. try this if you are looking for a volume boost! but make sure the blender has a glass pitcher, as plastic ones will get torn through fairly quickly. it is also hell on the blades, so get a cheap used blender from goodwill or something.
I'm crying with laughter.
Haha, nice vids! Took some stress off!!!
Cat Expert
I'm really disgusted with some of the cruel remarks. Cats can be trained to not jump on counters or scratch furniture. The use of scratch posts and turbo scratchers placed near furniture and introduced to the cat or kitten as soon as you get it, will induce the cat to use those. Cats are creatures of HABIT. You want to establish GOOD ones and not wait till negative ones develop. There are itesm you can buy that are much cheaper than this solution. Scat mats and motion devices that emit a hiss and loud noise work great. Also keep a can of compressed air on hand and when your cat does something you don't want him to do, aim a squirt at him. After a few times you will only have to hold up the can for him to stop.
Animals are at the mercy of those around them. They show what is really in a person's heart. (For the person that wanted a "kind" way to kill a cat that kept coming to his barn: I would tell you that that cat will keep down vermin and snakes and earn his keep. You would do yourself a favor by letting him live in your barn. And giving him some food & water will only make him a better hunter. A weak or starving cat isn't a threat to mice and rats. BE KIND.
Stop asking stupid questions people. You're pissing off sarah. >:[
@Tim: Of course its cheaper Tim. Its the principal. I should be able to put MY plant where I want it.
Patti K
LOVED IT! You're a genius.
What about employing the help of a carnivorous plant? That'd that the cat down a few notches.
tristan lomax
lol.. this is a really good idea.. i laughed so hard when i saw this thank you so much for posting
Sarah, I was totally AGREEING with you! It is VERY irritation when people make comments without even reading what they are commenting about! Didn't mean to give you the impression I was one of those "morons" who think it's OK NOT to read something before commenting!!!
Cap'n Refsmmat
Alternately, you can set a bunch of mousetraps and carefully place them upside-down on the counter. When they go off, they won't harm the cat -- they're upside-down -- but they scare the willies out of the cat. I've tried it. I think the toaster ended up on the floor.
@ladychef41: Im the one deleting comments... Sarah was jus sayin that the rest of the people around here are lazy And IM the one saying a lot of them are morons. Ive been trying to delete the moronic comments as soon as they pop up
Cat Expert is RIGHT!!! Try a little KINDNESS!! I have 19 cats and they all obey their mommy. They train easily with POSITIVE enforcement, not cruel tricks. I even trained one to lick my snatch.
CAT EXPERT, I'm afraid I will have to strongly disagree with you about your training methods that seem to work so well for YOU. I have 5 cats (have had up to 20 at 1 time as I foster a lot!) and have scratch posts, scratch boxes and every other kind of "scratch" device in my home at all times, and I STILL have cats that scratch no matter what. Some cats are just always going to be scratch on whatever they want no matter what. Especially if they have already gotten their scent on something. You're touting using a can of compressed air or "Scat mats and motion devices that emit a hiss and loud noise", but in essence, this is the same thing being used here. And like it has been said ALREADY, this is to use while no one is around!!!!! Lighten up, it's not hurting the cats....
@ladychef41: i didnt get that impression, i know you were agreeing with me...i was just venting some more
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