Fernando Colaco
Just blogged about your projects And will try to adapt the blender one to see if it works with my odd cat. http://fcolaco.com
@Canadian Boy and @savocado: How about you both back the Gerbil off?
Very funny....i'll need to try this someday....damn cats chew through all my electronics cords....
@Graham: No, the cat was not being electrocuted... she is just a VERY timid cat... anything will scare her. Especially a blender.
@Warren: Of course it can! But if its a case of where its the dog OWNER that is being a jerk by letting their dog take a crap in your yard, what I would do is the automated sprinkler approach. Take Izak Burger's idea from the comments below (http://ispburger.blogspot.com/2007/06/shower-o-matic-feline-edition.html) and instead of a PIR motion detector, just replace that with a camera and a computer That way, you get the dog AND the owner wet.... AND you get a video of it!
@keith: I don't quite have any rodents or roaches around to test the device on them, but im assuming it would work the same.
If your cats are anything like mine, they just lay around the house and do nothing anyway, so an occasional adrenaline rush should do them some good. The heck with orange and lemon peels, that's just a good way to attract fruit flies, and is not as entertaining as the Blender Defender. If you really want a cheap fix for keeping your little feline friends off the counter, just leave a lint roller next to the plants. It only takes 1 trip around the house with the lint roller stuck to it's butt to teach the cat not to get on the counters. Mind you, this is not something that we did to our cats intentionally, but rather, they did to themselves, and they never got on the counter again after that
Maybe your cat just needs some vegetables in his diet (ie: cat grass). Still funny though.
This could be done much cheaper...
If you don't like this one, just google search for "Plug in Motion Sensor" The trick is going to get one that goes off quickly You don't want to run your blender for 5 minutes, just a few seconds.
@Benny: That may work.... but you wouldn't get any videos out of it
Freaking hillarious!!!! My son sent me this link. I have 5 cats that all have their own little bad habits!!! Looks like I will be recruiting my dear son to fabricate this contraption for me!!! And of course the byproduct of the whole thing is that we will get to sit around ROTF watching the videos!!!!!
If you look at the dates of the video clips, you will see that the cat does not learn to stay off the counters. It is only scared away when it approaches the plant area. I do not think that the cat will ever "understand" that. It would be much better to trigger the scare EVERY TIME it jumps on the counter, regardless of where. Then it might eventually stop doing it and keep its paws on the floor.
infrared motion sensor and a relay, its all available at radioshack for under $50
@Rick: Scroll down and look at my comment from 10-19-08 at 10:26pm.

I think we need an FAQ page - you guys all keep asking the same questions or saying the same things...

@cartufer: Fries and a Big Mac, its all available at McDonalds for under $5

whats your Gerbiling point
I don't think people understand that the most expensive parts of this rig is the web cam and the blender. Yes - you could detect motion for a lot cheaper - but you don't get the videos of it. And we already HAD the blender for the scare tactic - we'd have to go out and buy the other things that you have suggested. In fact - we already had EVERYTHING listed in the parts list. It cost $0 to us! Plasma used what he had on hand. if you have those $50 parts on hand, I encourage you to use them. He didn't say "this is the only way to do this! there are no other ways! you must build this exactly as i have described OR ELSE!"

jeebus people, READ...its so frustrating.
Read? Read? What's that? Come on Sarah, you can't actually EXPECT people to take the time to READ, now can you???? THAT would suit a purpose!!!!
@ladychef41: That's fine if people don't want to read - but when you comment about something that is clearly explained if you scroll up - you sound like a complete moron.

I don't mind if people want to sound like idiots - it's just irritating answering the same questions/concerns 100 times.
interesting idea, but who wants to be woken up by a blender in the middle of the night?
Nice work - We have a cat who always is on the counter, like he owns it! I can see spending a few bucks for some training. ^^
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