I want to see more black cat videos it is hilarious. I lost count how many times I watched it's video but every time I'm lmao.
did you know that there is a cheaper solution? just put some fresh orange / lemon peel in the plant pot and your cat problem is solved. for some reason cat's don't like that smell + there's less stress for the animal
Hehehehe. Good one. It sure scared the cr@p out of the cat. But more than that, the concept is a good one. Can be used to watch infants!
We demand high speed footage!
will your stuff also have the same efforts on others animals/insex like rats or cockroaches? How about the accuracy?
Cats need grass every day.
Jeroen Mirck
I want that!
Izak Burger
Had a problem with a neighbour's cat using our backyard as it's litterbox, so I came up with the shower-o-matic. Solved the problem on day one.
Canadian Boy
Yes Sarah, Please post a few pics of your self.
I don't think that pic does you justice. Great idea, but a little cruel if you ask me.
Mike Garrison
A bullet would be cheaper and more effective.
Seriously disappointed thought I was going to view a cat blender!
ik heb een hele grote piemel
In the third video the cat looks like it is reacting from an electric shock to it's nose from the metal plantpot rather than noise from the blender or strobe light. Can you confirm this for me please?
I mean the video dated 2008:07:22
this is amazing. So fantastic. I'm walking out the door right now to head to the store to pick up supplies...
Do you think this could be adapted to discourage dogs from defecating in a yard? There's a yard on the side of my apartment building, it's not fenced in, and people bring their dogs there and don't clean up.
I mean the video 2008:10:17. That's the one which looks like the cat has been electrocuted
Check out SSSCAT,from Amazon, for about $20.00. It has a motion sensor and and uses a shot of compressed air for the same effect. I love your ingenuity though. Training a cat is just as important as training your dog not to do something.
Brilliant!! The first few times i watched it though I thought the flashing lights were coming from INSIDE the blender, and I couldnt figure out what sort of bizarre chemical reaction you had going on in there...
As far as dog and using your yard as a restroom, I have a friend who used a motion detecion sprinkler system ! It used only a little water, but worked great as far as stopping dogs from using his yard.
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