Hannah said: "This is cruel and if I didnt know about cats and dogs, why did I get my degree in vetrenarian? This is cruel because if the cat keeps getting on the counter, its nervous system will soon be at too much work, causing the cat to slow down and eventully die."

Nom says: Hannah is an idiot. First, that's not how you spell "veterinarian." Second, scaring a cat doesn't cause its nervous system to slow down, converting said cat into metaphorical sloth, which then dies.

Scaring a cat results in bushy tails, dilated pupils, generally erratic behavior, and hilarity. More importantly, if they do (for some unimaginable reason) turn into metaphorical sloths and die, they've still got eight tries left to beat the counter-top blender monster.
I should also add:

Hannah, you can get a degree in Zoology, but Veterinarian is what you become after having received said degree...

On the off chance that you're confused, this means that you did not get a degree "in veterinarian." That would literally mean that you got a degree inside a person with a degree in veterinary science.
Hillarious i Hate cats
Mbalz Ishari
Funniest Playdough I have seen in a while. Well done!
@MumsyBadgers - uhhhh.. this was cruel and disgusting and.... you had an orgasm?


Anyway, I found this page a few days ago but came back after it hit BoingBoing. OMG - I was wetting my pants over the hilarity of the videos, but now I just weep for humanity over the human wreckage spewing wisdom here in the comments section.

Plasma & Sarah, it's clear you love your cats, glad you found a way to keep the mischief at bay without resorting to something truly harmful. Thanks for sharing the fun.
too funny!!!
i can't stop laughing. sheer brilliance
I just hope it works. There are a lot of items which pets shouldn't have access to no matter how cute or supposedly harmless. Cats don't tend to respect boundaries given to them without reinforcement. Dogs seem to be more willing to accept boundaries because they believe you are another dog - although a very strange dog.

BTW poster "WTF?" Cats can form matriarchies. I know this unfortunately, because my parents didn't get our cats fixed and we ended up with over eight. Males go away and make other kitties pregnant, and the females tended to stay congregate and develop a pecking order with occasional spats. They are still independent and technically it is not a pack. The independence translates to less loyalty to other members.
Interestingly enough... looking at the dates from the videos, the gadgetry arrangement doesn't seem to have done much for them cats learning anything at all, as they keep on falling for it... So much for Pavlov conditioning... But the videos are hilarious!!!
This is classical conditioning at its cutest. The idea is that the stimuli of the plant and the flashing light/blender are associated and there is no desire to get up there anymore, obviously, and we assume that the stress/fear reaction isnt generalized to all plants or all blenders for that matter, or do we? really, though, this isnt harming the cat and though the enjoyment of the people watching these videos might be repulsive to some, it is a good bit of cognitive psychology.
While it's not as fun, those with less time to tinker can check out the turn-key solution: ssscat ( It's a battery-operated motion detector on top of an aerosol can, and was the LAST thing we bought to keep our cat from peeing on the bathroom rug. Of course, if the ssscat doesn't work for me next time I have cat problems, I'll build a Blender Defender!
Geez people relax. They now sell electric mats and even shock collars for cat so I think that this is a great idea compared to that. The cat isn't hurt, yes he is scared but the traditional training tool of a squirt of water or shaking coins in a can make the cat associate the "punishment" with their human. Ideally you want the negative reaction to NOT be associated with their human, you don't want them scared of you. A blender, a light, and a good sense of humor make a lot more sense to me. I have two cats and thought it was hi-larious!
i just love seeing cats go crazy
R. Elgin
Antique Koreans were really afraid of cats, thinking they could curse people. It is too bad they did not have such a clever device to help manage their fear and make milkshakes with.
Shortly after the first few nights (and the first few videos were caught) back in July, I made Plasma dismantle the Blender Defender for a party - I wanted it all put away, there were going to be far too many people in the house - and it was our housewarming party - I wanted everything perfect. We kinda forgot about it all, and it never got set back up - that is why you see the gap. When Plasma decided he wanted to get this page up - we set it back up. Apparently the short amount of time it was set up before was not enough to teach him. We will leave it up longer this time - although we haven't caught any videos since the most recent one of the all-black cat you see.
Charles Peng
OH, Great, it's so useful and so efficient.
Brilliant! I wish I had come up with something like this before my cat scratched my sofa down to the wood. MY deterrents taught her not to do it when I was around.
I have some good news
you could have saved $214 if you got rid of your cat. Then you would have no cat on the counter problem, and could have gotten rid of your cat.
This looks like so much fun ^^
i want more pictures by Sarah!
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