I agree with Marlessa, this is just cruel and dumb. I think everyone who gets enjoyment from these videotapes should be ashamed. Also, I came.
Rott Owner
the third video is great, he couldn't get away fast enough.
you did a good job setting this up, and using a blender & a strobe light, genius!
i've use a bug killer to break bad habits of pets & to keep the strays away.
i will look into using your method.

to those who think this is wrong, being the human, you are in charge. you are the pack leader, not the pet.
as a pet owner, you have the responsibly of teaching your pet what they can & can not do.
if you fail in that responsibly, then you have failed your pet & you've failed as a pet owner, and possibly as a human too.
this is where behavioral problems come from, poor pet owners who are not in charge.
i have to ask, if you let your pet into your trash and don't put a stop to it, and later he gets into your neighbors' trash and he gets poisoned, whose fault is it your pet is dead? its your fault, not your neighbors. why is it your fault? because you didn't correct the wrong behavior.
This is brilliant! A true McGyver of the 21st century. Also, I love how in comments it will replace to first parts of as_ure and as_ume with Nugget because it detects the swear-word in them.
he he he

سلام به ایرانیان
Marissa: I think that cats must rule your house and therefore you have adopted the policy of altering you behavior to please them. If this attitude carries over into other aspects of your life, you would probably be and awesome lover but a horrible parent. Let me remind you, "All progress is made by the unreasonable man, since the reasonable man will always stick with the status quo."

If you need it explained, here goes. By altering your behavior you are sticking with the 'status quo' (your cats have more power than you, in your own damn house). My man, with the blender defender, is not unreasonable in the way that we would consider him retarded but in the sense that he is not going to reason with a cat in his house. It is his rules and if the cats really don't like it they are free to go into the wild where they wont get fed or housed.
Soon these cats will be conditioned to avoid the appliances, the next step is to control them on their own!!!! What next? They'll be driving our cars, running us down in the streets! They'll be the masters, sending us off to work like slaves to buy them food while they nap luxuriously, even making humans clean up after their fecal waste, just because they can! That kind of tyrrany will be unbearable, it will be- uh, never mind.
anamoriphia sinerama
poor kitties
Found this on Stumble. Great Stumble!

There's nothing wrong with training cats to not do things. I think this is a really good way of training the cat. To the people saying it will hurt their heart - the point is that the cat won't do it after encountering this a few times. I have had cats all my life, and have two cats now. They don't get on the counters and they don't scratch up my furniture. I used the sticky stuff, the spray, and the water bottle, but I think this is great for when you're not there. I personally think it's unsanitary for a cat to get up on a counter. And yes, I did have a cat who used to eat plants. I adore my cats, but I am the owner. I am the breadwinner. Therefore I make the rules.

Anybody have any ideas on how to get a cat to not try and run outside ever time I I come home from being outside? I'm thinking a spray bottle outside the door.
To Rott Owner, cats don't belong to packs and don't give a damn who the pack leader is. They're independent animals, unlike dogs (where your pack analogy would be appropriate). Ever heard of the Cat Whisper? No? Probably because one doesn't exist.
I'm so doing this to my cats! Then need to learn to stay off my countertops!
Very clever. The one thing nobody seems to have mentioned is the culinary/life&limb angle. I take it it's easy to disconnect the blender from your high-tech kitty-conditioning system when you want to actually use it? Otherwise, a motion-sensitive blender is likely to lead to fingers in the soup.
If you put mousetraps on the counter and cover them with a single sheet of newspaper, the cat will get the message. Low tech, but very effective. Eventually you can stop the traps, and later you can forget the paper.
There is another cat, a black one, looks like it was electrocuted in the video clip!
@Bill: I fixed the bad-word filters. Now it only works when it sees the entire word, instead of it in part of another word
I don't to see this kind of crap. Why don't you put your face in the blender and let me turn it on you moron.
Another low tech low price option that works, use aluminum foil and wide double sided tape. The cat jumps on to the counter. Sticks to the tape. The crinkly noise the foil makes scares the cat. If you are lucky they get further stuck to the tape. Then tare through the house trying to get away. If you are fortunate enough to watch, it is hilarious.
Rott Owner
WTF, Ever heard of the Cat Whisper?
actually, yes.
opps, i guess you didn't check it out,

your right, domesticated cats don't travel in packs. but they do at times travel in groups, or at least some of the strays here do.
My sister-in-law bought a $200 dollar cat, I have no idea why you'd spend that kinda money on a cat but anyway, the second day she had the cat it walked across the stove while the stove was on. $300 in vet bills later my sister-in-law didn't have to worry about her cat being on the counter again. Needless to say a motion activated blender would have been cheaper, safer for the cat, and a lot more hilarious.
I'd like to see that black cat with a hi speed camera at slow speed. Hilarious!
John Bokma
The cat attempts to eat from your plant because cats eat (some) plants in order to vomit hairballs. If you want to protect your plant and be nice for your cat, buy cat grass for it.
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