Wolfie Rankin
Making five foot high benches would do very little, Cats can jump higher than that.
I have had cats and still have one now, and every once in a while they'll steal stuff. if this could be packaged into a product, you could make some serious cash.
a cheap cam with the thing that turns power on remotely, plus a strobe and a sound sample. [mine hates the sound of a plastic shopping bag flapping]

You should apply for Homeland Security funding for counter terrorism. ~
I teach behavior modification techniques for animal training. You have created a pretty elegant solution to your problem. The aversive stimulus is immediate and isn't associated with you in any way. It's not cruel, the only thing that's harmed is kitty's dignity. Most pets surrendered to pounds (and euthanized) are brought in because of behavior problems. Anyone who takes the time to solve a problem is a hero. I would suggest two refinements which may not even be doable. First, I would prefer the aversive stimulus to be something unique. Not an appliance, in other words. Someday kitty may be doing something you like and then someone makes a margarita. Kiss that behavior goodbye! Second, if there was now some way to catch him before the act, like when he was looking up at the counter and getting ready to jump it would really help. The closer you can get to him thinking about the whole act, the better.
I just keep watching the videos, and I can't stop laughing.

If only there was sound as well. Someone donate this guy a wireless microphone.
So I will compose myself and NOT go into an angerfit directed people who are (in my opinion) pretty clueless about animals and "their nature".

Instead I will just tell you plasma, that this is FANTASTIC

P.S. The bad word filter is a nice idea but can you change the setting that parts of normal words like assured won't get Noodled?
Oh obviously you did in the meantime
I've found squirt bottles work really well in training cats. Also taking away what they like. e.g. If Amanda goes out, she needs to stay in our yard. The second she steps out of the yard, I put her back in the house. She now stays in our yard. Both methods do require you to be present and vigilant however.
Haha, brilliant and hilarious. I totally used to turn on the blender when I wanted my cats to clear out of the kitchen. The automated solution is better, though.
Absolute genius!!!
Marisa is obviously a complete 'tard. :/
That was the funniest ish i've seen in a minute!!! I kept watching and kept laughing!!!
It seems that the cat on the last video is not the same which explains some of the questions below
Doesn't it go off every time you want to use the counter top? What about watering the plant? Does this thing scare the Playdough out of your cat every time you try to make breakfast?
David Millar
Cruel, hilarious, brilliant, etc...
Jenn McF
Well I find all this interesting and all. I enjoyed reading the comments as much as I enjoyed watching the videos. Yes I found this on stumble, and stumble rules! Ohh by the way, you can correct my grammar usage, when you want to those grammar nazis out there. I don't really care.

Anyways, to all of those who complain that this is a cruel way to treat a problem, its rather brilliant in my idea. I don't particularly like cats, as I just don't associate with them well, so I'm not going to go into the logistics of all this.

@ Plasma: Awesome use of equipment, wish I had that much computer knowledge, I have a hard time trying to get my scanner to work, which is hard enough for me.

@ to anyone saying they went to college to take care of animals: Okay first of all, there is no college course saying how to take care of animals in a home setting, you are being taught how to take care of animals on a medical profession, I have friends who are going to college now for their vet degrees or whatever, and they have already seen this video and give it a thumbs up. Its all about conditioning.. Pavlov would be proud!

Ohh and by the way, those who think arguing on here is the best way to get their point across, you first need to learn how to read before typing. Way I see it, your allowing a animal into your home, yes we as people need to make some sacrifices depending on what you might or might not want your animal to do. I'm big about letting my dogs onto my furniture.. so yeah I live with fur on them, and have to make arrangements to clean them for company, yet, my dogs know that they are not to go into the trashcan, even when I'm not home. Cats are just not my forte, I do own a cat, she doesn't try to get up on my counters, at least that I know of, so we live a happy contented life. So it goes without saying some animals are more prone then others, it might be of their nature, but you know what.. when we were kids it was our nature to get into stuff and our parents/family, to discipline us to teach us not to do it again. So its the same effect here. Thank you have a good day!
cats have rights just as humans do , my kids love candy , it is not really good for them , but hey I love them , want them to be happy. candy makes them happy .. so Do I teach them to eat less of the stuff , or do I let them get rotten teeth and go through the pain of fillings and diabetes? AS for the cats .. they use their feet to kill birds , and to bury their litter and to walk round my kitchen counters .. If I got really sick from germs near where I make my food , I think the kitty's would suffer as I would not be able to look after them and give them as much cuddles .. All pets and people must learn the rules it is not cruel to teach your kids manners , not cruel to teach your pets safety and heath issues , not cruel to train them not the scratch up the furniture .. not cruel to potty train them , not cruel to teach a dog not to bite the neighborhood kids .. not cruel to teach your teenagers not to smoke ... not cruel to educate people animals and plants .. esp not cruel to teach ivy to crawl up the walls and not cruel to the grass to mow it .. probably v cruel to not train your animals about traffic ,.. extremely cruel as untrained animals and children both cause problems for others as well as end up feeling awkward and unloved , eventually these feelings will cause the animal or person to strike out in some way or another, and if it gets serious enough, they end up in jail or shot dead ... really .. just think about an untrained pit bull , one single incident of him latching onto a child's throat and he is put to death .. If you do not teach your kitty cat where he should and should not walk , then he might get hit by a car ..
listen up, benchtops were made fop cats as were beds, television tops, baths, boxes etc GET OVER IT!
Marisa ... go @#$% yourself.
Let's not forget thet cats use a LITTERBOX, therefore their feet are covered with fecal matter, even if you cannot see it! If I had a cat and they jumped onto my counter I would use a bat to swiftly remove the nasty bastard.
Due to this project, one day soon all cats will be immune to human-controlled robotic conditioning. Then they will be able to outsmart us and our knives, swords, bows, even tanks. They will become an unconquerable mob of technosmart villains, ignoring Tender Vittles and instead eating HUMAN BABIES. It will be all YOUR fault, I hope for the survival of the human race you STOP IT NOW.
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