First off, great work!
I'm just curious to see if the frequency of these videos has decreased over time at all. That would obviously show that the cat is learning, which I think it would do rather quickly. Actually, I'm curious if the cat has learned not to jump on the counter, or if the cat has learned to ignore the blender/light combo, both of which are entirely possible.
casper911ca, you've never been to key west! Feral cats form packs--they're called clowders. Domestic non-feral cats will too. A friend of mine has written about this, you can find it on "Cat's I've Known" by Barbara Bowers.

I also read recently cats had a better memory than dogs. Found a reference to it here:

OMG, a blender running is cruel so you say to feed your cat stuff to burn its mouth? holy logic batman.
The cats in those videos seemed scared to death, couldn't that provoke a heart attack on my cat?
Hilarious, who cares if the cat learns? it must be a constant source of amusement!
Wow - there are a lot of dolts commenting on here.

Cats are cool, and get on counters - people like cats and don't want them on counters. There is nothing wrong with training your cat. It is trained to Playdough in a box - why is training it not to be on the counter bad?

I absolutely LOVE this project - I will do it. I have 2 cats, the butter licker and the other cat. The butter licker will learn that licking butter causes spaztastic fright and maybe he will learn to stop butter licking. (OMG cat fanatics my cat obviously has a deficency and NEEDS butter... just like I need chocolate and vodka.)

And I have a dog too... she will learn a lesson about cleaning the cat box for me - so gross!!

I'm almost clapping with glee.

Fantastic project - love how you think!
@Kyron ... The videos have dates on them... July 22 & 23, Oct 15 & 17. Are the July ones wrong? Or did this setup extinguish the behavior only to see it return once it was removed (like you telling the cat "NO" and so needed to be set up again in October? Or does the cat still do the undesired behavior after 87 days? Maybe the frequency has been reduced towards extinction?
Tacky & clearly no short-term results. A much simpler solution would be to move the plant outdoors. Cost: Zero dollars. Amount of time it takes your cat to kick the plant eating habit: a heartbeat. Amount of electricity wasted: none.

Second solution is to make it a hanging plant instead.

If you truly cared about the issue you say you're concerned about, you'd have simply moved the plant elsewhere. Countertop climbing is part of a cat's nature. The change in behavior needs to be on your end, not on your cat's end.

I'm surprised you didn't have the genius solution of revamping your kitchen and bathrooms to make the countertops 5 feet high!
Dr.Lucius Viper
I hate cats and I think the simplest solution is a bullet in the brainpan.
Price of bullet: 37 cents.
I love it! I believe your cats will get the message. Now I do love cats they are my favorite pet, however I agree with you in not wanting them on the counters, much less eating your plants. I have read several comments here which people think you should move the plants to other locations, or out of the house, and just let the cats do whatever they want, and that you should change your behavior. NO! Whats wrong with these people? Ignorant people that want to give more rights to animals than humans I just don't understand that thinking. Your not doing anything that is harmful to the cats, you have your plants where YOU want them, decorating your home. Who cares what a few ignorant idiots think. Keep sending the videos on the progress. Love the last video, I laughed so hard it hurt.
Marisa: Would you like some cheese with your whine?

Great stuff. XD
Funny as Playdough and I love it but frankly Ive got to go with Marissa on this one. Just move the damn plant.
dude, do you have a job?
@Oi Yes, Plasma has a very good job. He works 40 hours a week, and makes enough money to be able to leisurely spend his spare time and spare money doing electronics/programming projects he enjoys.

The ones I'm curious about is those that have nothing better to do than come on here and bicker with other commenters or complain about things they have no control over and obviously don't understand.

Everyone who has some complaint: click on "Click here to see all comments" at the bottom, and read every post I have made - I've already responded to just about everything.
Marisa, having a cat on the Counter top climbing is not "part of a cat's nature". Its filthy considering that they dig up litter. I think it was a harmless and intuitive way of training his feline. Thinking outside the box is what people should do. Being a filthy cat lover is not the way.
marissas being a Noodle
also to sarah you like have no life
Not bothering (or refusing) to train a pet because some unwanted behavior is in "its nature" is irresponsible pet ownership. Crapping on the carpet is in a puppy's nature, but any normal dog owner is going to house train it anyway. The counter top thing is no different. I've owned my cat (does anyone ever really own a cat?) for three years now, and she is for the most part very obedient and well-behaved, thanks to about a year of vigilant training through positive & negative reinforcement. After that first year, she no longer jumps on counters or claws the furniture. It has been just as much in "her nature" to learn from experience as it was to do those unwanted things.
Awesome work! Cats are a lot of fun but they tend to get into trouble given their curious nature.
@po: Actually, you're right!

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