Brian Whittle
it may be cruel but still really funny especially the last one where the cat has a super freak out. The cat will get the message eventually
Guys, stop repeating the same arguments that plasma and others have already shot down several times. Repeating 'omg abuse' over and over again isn't going to make it any more true, but it will make you look like idiots.

Great videos, man. If I had the cash to blow I'd seriously consider this--my kitty keeps getting up on the dining table and counters whenever we're not around, and no matter where we put the candy bowl we wake up to the candy strewn to all corners of the apartment.
I love it!!! Im going to go out and buy a cat, put his bowl of food on the counter and buy one of these just for the hilarity that ensues!~~~~
It's a good way to amuse yourself I'm sure, but I wonder if the cat ever learned. Like Ghosts said, cats don't care. Cats are independent. I have two cats, and they do what they want. If you want something that has no independent will other than to eat, run, poop, f**k, and be controlled by you, get a dog.

The cat/dog debate will go on forever. Cats treat you like their friend, but don't expect them to be a slave to your every whim. Dogs want to be controlled and mastered. They offer companionship as well as a feeling of power. (BTW that dog will chew up that thing if you leave it laying around, no matter how many time you tell it not to. They don't care either, it's in their nature.)

In the end, it's every persons choice to own an animal, and they should be prepared to love it, care for it and accept it for what it is. Best bet for wrecked stuff; animal proof your house as best as possible, and I don't mean rigging everything to scare the living crap out of your animal. A+ for creativity and lol's, but you obviously like you plant more than your cat.

If you hate cats then I'm sure you will be happy with a dog, but to hate a cat because it is independent is like saying the cat hates you too because you do what you want and you don't care what other people think. BAD HUMAN!!! People can't control everything, OH NO!!! If you hate dogs because they are smelly and loud and need a lot of love and exercise then you probably hate kids too.

Such silly reasons to spend energy hating. I hate rapists.

I like both cats and dogs. Both have their pros and cons, just like everything else.

Brilliant. But, why would a cat want to eat your plant?

As far as the cat vs. dog debate. Dogs do have more cognitive function, thank you science. Also, dogs are social animals, like humans, and dogs naturally operate in packs. When a family has a dog, the family is like the dogs surrogate pack, which is why dogs live so well with people. Cats tend to be more independent, tho there are conteraugurments (prides of lions), i've seen packs of stray dogs, never have I've seen packs of stray cats...
This is AWESOME! Is there any way you'd be willing to share your source code? My cat counter surfs all the time and I've always been looking for a good way to scare him off, and since I already control my entire saltwater aquarium with X10 modules this is right up my alley!
ariel sergio wollinger martins
AWESOME!!! Now all it needs is sound!!!!
@Scott: Do a google search for "heyu". Its the program i use on linux to control X10
ariel sergio wollinger martins
in the 3rd video on the page ( 2nd on the video section ) , you can see a small blender move due to the vibration caused by the powerful big blender!!

The question that remains: will it blend?
If you guys haven't realized by now (by seeing this project, and looking into the other projects plasma has done (party button and Christmas tree)), you'll realize that they are not cheap, and they are not the most obvious way of solving the problem/situation. They are entertaining and creative. Plasma has this amazing mind that generates these very interesting ways of dealing with situations - and he enjoys programming and electronics. They are interesting projects - not supposed to be the most efficient, economic, or obvious way of doing things.

We know we could get rid of the cat, move the plant, put sticky tape upside down, etc etc and it would be much cheaper while still solving the problem.

As we have said multiple times, and as is described above, he already had all the parts needed to do this project before hand - it didn't cost us anything. So technically - this is the cheapest way FOR US to do things. Plus, it is effective, entertaining, and we still get to keep the cats, which we do, actually, like having.
@ariel sergio wollinger martins:
Actually, I originally had two blenders set up to turn on. The one you see moving had turned on as well as the big one. I later decided that it didnt really add much to the effect and was just too redundant
ever thought of giving the cat a good kick up the ring piece?
ariel sergio wollinger martins
Thanks Plasma and Sarah! I also love cats. Will you post your scripts so people can reproduce your project? I am thinking ,on my next trip to the US , of buying all this gear and making one for me. I'll use windows though.
ariel sergio wollinger martins

That doesn't work.
Poor Kitty! Have you maybe thought of moving the plant somewhere the cat can't access it? That would be better for everyone. Do you plan on keeping your cat a long time? His heart won't withstand this type of treatment for long! If you really can't move the plant, try putting a bit of cayenne pepper on the leaves. The cat won't like it.
Very clever and certainly not cruel.However why just let your cat out to munch some grass from time to time? They actually need to do this.
This is ace.
@Homebrew5: Look at the picture above your comment please.
@sam: your money
This is awesome! If I owned a cat I would do this too! Dogs may get dirty but cats walk around in a box of their own poo and pee! I like them and all but I don't want their filthy feet on our counter tops. Yuck!!!
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