how mean^^
You sir are a genius..
That is the funniest that I have ever seen...I could watch that all day!
I absolutely love the clip where the cat hits the camera! I laughed so hard. >^..^<
@Anette: I've seen that clip 50+ times, and I still laugh my butt off every time.
So, did the cat stop going up there or is it being persistent and stubborn like every other cat on the planet?
Given that the most recent movie is dated October 15th, 2008, and one of the earlier ones is dated July 22nd, 2008, I think we can conclude that the cat is '... persistent and stubborn like every other cat on the planet'.
I'd like to see that hooked up to the fridge, so every time Brian opens it to stare he would get the surprise!!!! HEE HEE HEE
Hey! I saw your project today on the Make Blog. Aside from it being utterly friggin' hilarious, it would be perfect for the contest we are having right now at Instructables. If you are interested, the details can be seen here:
Otherwise, I must say again, as someone that lives with 5 cats (that aren't mine), this project is awesome.
Cheaper to take the cat to a taxidermist no?
Hahahah I love it. I wonder if it can be used to condition roommates as well...
Cat Lover
I find beatings work better. And they're free.
Annette, may we hear more about your butt?
Oh, how clever! Surely, you must be so proud of your self.
2 things: #1 you have too much time on your hands. and #2, you have a terrible grasp of the English language. as an example: "Confused at what your looking at?". YOUR?? don't you mean "you're", as in "you are". this is something learned in 2nd or 3rd grade i believe.
hey, nice blender.

Listen, what do you do when you need to use the blender? I mean there seems to always be a somehting or other inside the you have another blender with which you can do everyday blender stuff?......

what if you need to be in the counter... and then all this stuff is going off... man
dead cats are better than live ones. they don't jump on the counters.
@johnb: Jeez, calm down. I'll fix it... sheesh.
@danny: I just turn off the script controlling the motion detection. We usually only turn it on at night anyways - he knows better than to get up there when we're awake
Lighten up or kill yourself.
That is all.
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